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Accreditation of prior and experiential learning

Every person who has exercised an occupational activity for at least three years , whether remunerated, non-remunerated or on a voluntary basis, relating to the object of his or her request, may apply for accreditation of prior and experiential learning to justify all or part of the knowledge or aptitudes required to earn a diploma or title. Every person may also ask for the accreditation of prior higher education, in particular abroad.

The accreditation provided under article 12 is granted by a committee whose members are appointed by the rector in accordance with the nature of the accreditation requested. For the validation of prior and experiential learning, this committee comprises, in addition to instructors and researchers, who constitute the majority thereof, competent persons to assess the nature of – in particular professional -- learning, , whose accreditation is requested.

The committee decides on the basis of a file submitted by the candidate, after an interview with the latter and, where necessary, an actual or reconstituted occupational simulation exercise, when such a procedure is provided by the certifying authority. It also decides on the scope of the accreditation and, in the event of partial accreditation, on the nature of the knowledge and aptitudes that will have to be subjected to additional testing.

Accreditation produces the same effects as passing the knowledge and aptitude test or tests that it replaces.

Procedure to follow: